Scope and Nature of Mass Communication

02 January 2009

The Role of Technology

To some thinkers, it is machines and their development that drive economic and cultural changes. This idea is referred to is technological determinism. Those who believe in technological determinism would argue that these changes in the cultural landscape were the inevitable result of new technology.

But others see technology as more neutral and claim that the way people use technology is what gives it significance. This perspective accept technology as one of many factors that shape economic and cultural changes; technology’s influence is ultimately determined by how much power it is given by the people and culture that use it.

The Role of Money

Money, too, alters communication. It shifts the balance of power; it tend to make audiences products rather than consumers.
Media does not mean are of must slave to profit. It task s to understand the constraints placed in these industries by their economics and then demand that, within those limits, they perform ethically and responsibly.


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